Don't think about it, just take a second!

Don't think about it, just take a second!

Feelings are a lot like the human digestive system,

of course some foods are easily digestible,

but others constipate you.


Deep seeded feelings are the red meat of the digestive system,

and you can't really digest red meat, it just rots in your colon (like for real, go look it up).


Still with me?

Let's break it down (Pun extremely intended).


I just find no use in not feeling what you need to feel when you need to feel it.


Feelings aren't a doggy-baggable (yup, that's a word now) type of substance.

Those things will creep back into your life somehow

and haunt you to your core,

then you'll be stuck saying things like :

"i don't know why i'm always so sad lately".



one reason could be because you decided to burden your future self with your past selves

baggage, instead of just feeling what needed to be felt at the time it needed to be felt.


When you hear the words move on, you immediately assume that that means

"bury the issue, and keep walking",

but even the best kept secrets can't remain below the surface,

so how do you expect your poorly hidden baggage to?


logically it makes no sense to me,


Reactions are so spontaneous, it must be hard being so closed off.

Having to use that much control, not to show any emotion.


I mean, i am not naive.


I know "not feeling" is seen as a sign of strength,

because of society's patriarchal nature,

because apparently men have a hard time expressing their feelings?


I don't think that at all,

i think men just express their feelings differently (excluding

Drake of course),

maybe even more efficiently than women,

and maybe,

just maybe,

that's why they get over things so quickly (in relation to us women),

leaving little room for remorse, guilt, and excess feelings for their future selves.


of course, that's a strong (think World Series heavy weight division of every sport combined) maybe.


Don't think, it complicates things.

Just feel, and if it feels like home,

then follow it's path.

- r.m drake