Higher Ground

Higher Ground

- sitting and writing and letting your thoughts bleed out on a page is so therapeutic,

you should give it a try, it may be your thing.


Sometimes i sit and think about the constraints of right and wrong,

I get that society needs guidelines for appropriate interaction,

but sometimes it feels like this "appropriacy" (yes, i make up words, but you'll get used to it) is choking people,

stopping people from being their true beautiful natural selves and in turn,

these guidelines are a way of shooting ourselves in the foot.


 the short term goals are attractive,

you know people not killing each other all willy nilly and all.


But in the long term,

isn't society just churning out the same group of people over and over again?

Where's the progress in that?


It is said that we live, we learn and we grow.

But we can only truly grow after making some sort of mistake,

and making a mistake constitutes as doing something wrong


to some extent,

isn't going against society's "guidelines" for right and wrong,

 a symbol of progress?


A wiseman once told me that "being intelligent is learning from your mistakes,

and being a genius is learning from the mistakes of others".

Doesn't that make the very people that society shuns,

martyrs for our collective learning or pillars for much needed progress of sorts?


I know it's a stretch, and believe you me i'm not condoning criminal behaviour (this is me attempting to be politically correct),

i'm just here to point out just another one of life's contradictions,

and, well of course, as always,

there's a distinct waft of irony in the air.


"Every hour and every day I'm learning more

The more I learn, the less I know about before

The less I know, the more I want to look around

Digging deep for clues on higher ground"


UB40 - Higher Ground