Do Men Give Birth?

Do Men Give Birth?

he subject of birth for what the western world has classified as mammalian human species, is filled with a complexity of ideas. To demonstrate their so called scientific wisdom, the colonial masters have crafted a very ingenious labyrinth encompassing the process of birth or giving birth.

They have erected institutions, whose primary focus is to indulge their fascination for discovery, as this is one of their weapons for domination. To the ancestors of humanity, birth was never a mystery that needed scientific analysis for purposes of demystification or demonstrating intelligence. They learned the truths regarding this sacred process from the Divine World of the Ntora.

What is unfortunate is that, humanity finds itself following the ambitions of the so called experts whose minds, are filled with intentions that are daily claiming victims. These intentions have nothing to do with the actual purpose for which the individual human being is destined to fulfill. They have produced nothing that clarifies his or her path towards producing a world that he or she wishes to see. What they have instead produced, is a disharmony that has men and women fighting to redefine their identities within the existential reality. All this is done to prove which gender role is far superior to the other.

We all know that when it comes to the human species only women possess the capability to conceive offspring in their womb. With the advent of new age mythos, ideas of women conceiving without the aid of a man have now found ardent supporters. This mythos just like its forbear has found its place in the hearts and minds of men and women alike, which are fertile fields for salesmen who specialize in repackaging the product called belief. What is not yet evident to the victims who find themselves under the classification of ‘conscious’, is that they are unsuspecting participants in an experiment. Yes, you have read that correctly. The New Age mythos is nothing but a repackaged colonial cosmogony. This is the same cosmogony that has had the world worshipping for the last two thousand years a disguised feminine principle publicly portrayed in artwork as masculine. Now that the masses have been stealthily conditioned, it is being openly displayed and celebrated in the form effeminate tendencies. I digress….

There are now individuals who believe that a divine being which possess the power of and ability to create is God, simply based on the function attributed to the sexual organs. In this instance a woman is accorded all powers of creation and thus called God by the proponents of this idea. The ideologies they present focus on the woman’s ability to bring offspring through her birth canal into this world, and that this act alone qualifies her to be called God. This sounds no different than the Catholic worship of Mary as chosen based solely on the allegation of Immaculate Conception. To support this notion of woman is God or Black Woman is God, images of Catholic priests bowing to the statue of the black Madonna are found circulating on the web.

These notions have now crept into the movements for reclamation of traditional spirituality. Black people of all stripes and persuasions within the so called ‘conscious community’ are some of the most vocal on this subject. Now, amongst the Batswana and Basotho both male and female ancestors are collectively called Badimo. The latter word means Gods. There is however a more in-depth meaning that I think has not been explored. Nevertheless, for the purpose of this article “Badimo” is relevant. In the singular the word is Modimo and the same is employed in reference to the creator. In essence, the culture of Basotho and Batswana, at least before the advent of colonialism ancestors were viewed as creators and Gods.

I had recently asked my friends on Facebook a question which was aimed at soliciting honest views on this subject. The question was: “Do men give birth or that is the exclusive domain of women?” I have to admit that the answers were both surprising and entertaining. Naturally, given the nature of the subject, there were some emotionally charged responses and expletives. I must here state that this is something I do not condone, and neither do our ancestors. I am nevertheless satisfied knowing that, there are those who hold a balanced view regarding this subject.

Giving birth is a very sensitive issue for many women. It is used by some to put men in their place (emotional blackmail). Men are usually told that because they don’t give birth they will never understand what a woman has to endure in labor. I have to admit that it is true that men cannot begin to fathom the great pain and suffering endured by women during labor. However, since its crowning, the notion that men do not give birth has been unchallenged, but simply accepted as factual.

According to the differing hieroglyphic transliterations currently available to the public, it can be found that  /mess/ or /mezz/ means birth or to give birth and it references the act of bringing forth offspring by a woman. The word /mess/ and /mezz/ is incorrrectly transliterated but I will not address the same in this article. It will be part of my upcoming book.

For the past several months, I have been meditating on the symbol of the Ankh and its true meaning as understood by the ancients. During these periods, the ancestors revealed very specific things on this subject one of which being that men do also give birth. Yes, men do also give birth but do not experience comparable pain to that of women. No, they do not give birth to a baby. Now, there are more details that are spiritual in nature associated with this process which I will not here discuss, but I would like to support this notion I just presented with evidence from the hieroglyphics.

I caution the reader that what I’m about to present is an extremely sensitive word amongst the Batswana and Basotho people of South Africa, and therefore one should not utter the same as I will explain. The word is  or   rendered as /metut/ and means seed, offspring, descendants, posterity. The correct transliteration is /mo.tʊtʊ/ and it is writen /mototo/ in the Setswana and Sesotho languages. It is used to refer to semen and it is also used as a curse word in heated arguments. The one who uses such a curse knows its impact, and one who is so cursed will not stand such an insult. A fight, preceded by even more sharp expletives, will undoudebtly be the result. The outcome is very bloody from what I had personally witnessed growing up. Even myself has at one point been on the receiving end of such insult. It seems to penetrate with such great intensity to the core of one’s being that evokes a raging storm of emotions. Another word that is commonly used as a curse word is /mo.tʊtʊ/ meaning phallus and is at times used interchangeably with another word used mainly for animals.

In the Contendings of Heru and Seth, in an attempt to deceptively wrestle the throne from Heru, we learn that Seth had performed a homosexual act on him by masterbating and placing his seed on Heru’s hand:

    They both went to the tribunal and stood in the presence of the Great Ennead. They were told: "Speak concerning yourselves."
    Said Seth: "Let me be awarded the office of Ruler,  for as to Horus, the one who is standing (trial), I have performed the labor of a male against him."
    The Ennead let out a load cry. They spewed and spat at Horus's face. Horus laughed at them. Horus then took an oath by god as follows: "All that Seth has said is false. Let Seth's semen be summoned that we may see from            where it answers, and my own be summoned that we may see from where it answers."
    Then Thoth, lord of script and scribe of truth for the Ennead, put his hand on Horus's shoulder and said: "Come out, you semen of Seth."
    And it answered him from the water in the interior of the marsh. Thoth put his hand on Seth's shoulder and said: "Come out, you semen of Horus."
    Then it said to him: "Where shall I come from?"
    Thoth said to it: "Come out from his ear."
    Thereupon it said to him: "Is it from his ear that I should issue forth, seeing that I am divine seed?"
    Then Thoth said to it:"Come out from the top of his head."
    And it emerged as a golden solar disk upon Seth's head. Seth became exceeding furious and extended his hand(s) to seize the golden solar disk. Thoth took it away from him and placed it as a crown upon his (own) head. Then     the Ennead said: "Horus is right, and Seth is wrong."

The seed of man and that of animals is considered a divine entity posessing intelligence. From the western perspective, it is commonly agreed that sperm has genetic information that determines the gender of the child at conception.

In essence, the act of ejaculation is a birth into the womb of a woman. While the giving of birth by a woman into the physical world is the second birth. The man represents the spiritual birth while the woman is the vessel of water birth. This is the origin of the Christian birth of water and the spirit concept.


A few years ago a friend of mine shared with me a personal experince. My friend said that during a meditation session, he saw the Great Ntore Ra. The Ntore Ra extended his hand to lift him up from the surface of our planet and brought him onto the celestial boat known in the tongue of the ancients as Maeto. He further explained that in the act of being lifted up, the Ntore Ra said the following: “I am Ra your father. The One who gave birth to humanity. Come with me my son and let me show you the hidden mysteries of creation.” In the beginning the experience did not make sense to me because in my mind only women gave birth. Western conditioning had placed chains around my memory and ability to recall the culture I was raised with. It is in meditaion that I began to see connections which culminated into the words  and , and the scales of western conditioning began to fall from my spiritual sight.

While the western world attributes the act of giving birth to women exclusively, our ancestors had a different concept altogether. This understanding did not come from scientific studies but rather from the Gods and Goddesses themselves. The word /mo.tʊtʊ/, alludes to the offspring a man in the form of semen, which is a divine being as attested to by the Contedings of Heru and Seth. I hope that this article will help to reorient the minds of those who are victims of western concepts, that fill the mind with useless information under the guise of progress, and begin their journey home towards ancestral culture and wisdom.