Sunday Night At Church

Sunday Night At Church

4 minutes

Anxious steps echoed around the ruined building, eyes constantly trained on her watch. She was stressed and she was tired but she would never admit that.

The ticking of her watch echoed alongside her footsteps. She was waiting for the first signs of its arrival.

3 minutes

She'd have to make tonight quick. She had an exam tomorrow and she was stuck waiting on a thing that ran on its own time.

2 minutes

1 minute

Then she saw it, the first one fell. Like blood, deep and rich. Surely more started to fall. Never the thorns or the stems, always the petals.

She picked one up, like always, it disintegrates into snow. Soon enough the air around her become cold and the petals on the ground turned into snow.

Her ears tried to listen for any indication that it was there.

The sound of snow being crushed was heard from behind her. She turned around and the sound.

It was a woman dressed in the finest of silks, with red hair. The shade of her hair reminded her of something, but what? With eyes the colour of crystals, almost transparent, they always had those eyes.

She didn't know what it was, nor did she want to. It was already an effort to get out of bed every Sunday night, to meet at a ruined church, out of all places. And then to still go through all the effort to find out what it was?

Although she did try, but her attempts proved useless and she soon gave up.

It was always the same place, same time.

The woman stepped with bare feet on the snow and the ever so impatient girl found herself wondering how this woman didn't freeze over in her attire.

Stones that were enclosed by the woman's hands were thrown towards the ground, falling short of a meter from a pair of Chuck Taylors.

The engravings on the stones intrigued her, but even if she tried to walk towards them, one step forward felt like two steps back.

The woman raised her hands slowly on either side of her, hair flying behind her in a flurry. Instinctively, the girl put her hands out to form a shield made of magic.

As the woman raised her hands towards the eighteen-year-old girl, pieces of rock and debris from the church ruins started to hit the shield the girl had formed.

The woman's eyes glowed, as did the girl's as they both summoned their magic. Though unlike the woman's luminescent white-blue eyes, the eyes of the girl turned a shade of violet.

I can't believe this is what my life has come to? Why in hell did I decide to sneak out that night? This is like some weird...anime crap. HA! That's what my life has Officially come to, a freaking anime show!

Using one hand to maintain the shield, she used the other to create a small tornado and once it built enough force it went flying in the woman's direction. It knocked her right off her feet.

She smirks, feeling as if she was finally mastering this wack ability.

It had only been a month or so since the girl had stumbled her way past the darned building and found herself digging through some rubble trying to find the source to the of the abnormal violet glow, which turned out to be this really ugly, brown stone. When she picked it up, the violet light blinded her, when she looked at her hand again the stone had disappeared.  

Looking back at that time, it felt so long ago.

Focusing back at her current challenge, she hadn't noticed the woman throw a boulder at her and she had ducked just in time.

The woman raised her hands, created a ball of electricity, and threw it at the girl. With no much time to think, the girl used the ice, turning it to liquid, which formed a wall of water in front of her. The electricity crackled in the water but served its purpose of protecting her.

Using the water, she created a bubble filled with water around the woman, supposedly drowning her.

After about two minutes, the water fell, sloshing around and flooding the area. The woman lay, almost submerged in water again, not breathing, not moving...dead.

Knowing that the body would soon be engulfed in snow, I turned around ready to get my bag, but of course, the damned thing had to stand right back up and turn the water right back to snow.

The stones lay there cemented to the snow as if there wasn't just a flood or tornado.

What are they even for?

Taking the woman's weak state as an advantage, the girl saw some metal beams. Bending the metal into knives, proud of her work, she smirked and sent them flying.

The knives hit the woman in her chest, her stomach, her neck, everywhere. Though she did not fall, she did not die. Blood started pouring from the wounds as she plucked the knives, one by one from her body.  

The girl just stood there, shocked, stunned, but she had to think.

With water and blood still dripping out of the woman's mouth, she started chanting.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and turned her head so fast the girl thought it broke. The woman bent down with her hands outstretched, not long after, soft footsteps approached.

Looking down, the footsteps belonged to a stray dog. The dog stopped a short distance away from the woman. Her head fell back and whimpering was heard. Wounds and blood started to appear on the animal's body and the woman's wounds started to heal.

The girl raised a hand to her mouth, tears started to form and her blood started to boil.

The animal fell to the ground covered in its own blood. The woman got to her feet and raised her hand again, unfazed. Pieces of rock started to float again.

She was ready. The actions of this woman, scratch that, creature fuelled her anger. She was ready, her shield was up and her mind was in overdrive.

The debris started flying at her, but with her feet planted firmly into the ground and her mind solely focused on how to kill this damned creature, she was determined.

She used the metal beams again, turning them into lethal weapons. One hand keeping her shield up, that was now starting to slowly cracking with the force of the debris, the other hand guiding the knives at the woman.

She couldn't see clearly, but she knew where her target stood.

She needed to formulate a plan quickly. She remembered the matchbox in her pocket, and recalled just earlier something the woman had shown her.

Thank you, you wonderful piece of crap.

The rocks never ceased and neither did the knives.

Her shield was close to shattering, she created another one behind her and manoeuvred it behind her original shield, ready for the first one to shatter. The second one was thicker, and the third was thicker than the second.

Each one thicker than the last, my mind getting used focusing on two things at once. The knives were going faster and faster, again each one stronger and sharper than the last.

In way she was mesmerised, she was awed at her ability and motivation. Her rage did not subside and the body of the poor dog lay lifeless within sight.

As she protected herself and attacked her enemy, she was trying to formulate the perfect plan.

It was risky but she had faith, that if she could produce a shield out of thin air and turn a metal beam into knives, she could do anything. Though the possibility of it backfiring was very prominent in her mind.

By now all that could be scene was these blurs of brown and silver, and explosions as they hit shields of magic.

The teenager was unaware of the dark purple light she was emanating. It was a remarkable sight.

In addition, they were both unaware of the light shining out of the cracks and holes of the ruined church. Together they created streaming lights of blue and purple.

She decided it was time to bring in the big guns...literally. instead of knives the beams were now turning into guns, firing bullets.

This has to work. It has to!

It was go big or go home...or in this case, go big or die.

And she let her shield crack, her eyes followed every line and that expanded with every hit.

She closed her eyes, the reality of her plan starting to finally set in...

And then it shattered. The next rock sent her flying into a wall. She tried to move, but she was pinned up against the rough stone.

The guns didn't stop, but the rocks did.

And the bullets didn't explode when they hit the woman's shield. Instead they stood, midair, in front of the woman. And they turned around, facing in her direction.

For a moment, the girl couldn't hear anything, only her breathing and the blood rushing in her ears.

This was it. This is how it ends.

The bullets went soaring and she closed her eyes. Some hit the wall and some hit flesh and bone.

She screamed and the force holding up suddenly vanished. Crumpled on the floor, she laid there spasming in her blood. Her voice went hoarse with the way she screamed in agony.

Eventually her screams died down and she whimpered in resemblance to the dog.

She was physically unable to do anything, but her mind was well aware of the blur of white and red approaching her.

She tried to call on her magic and she felt the tingle in her fingers. With a lot of effort and pain, her arm slowly moved, her finger stretched as if to reach for the woman.

For a minute, nothing changed and the woman continued walking closer.

Soon enough she felt the pull, it felt like a rope between her fingers.

The woman stopped dead in her tracks and started to convulse. Holes started to appear in her skin showing bone and tissue and blood started to seep out.

The girl could feel her skin start to heal and the bullets melted and dripped to the floor in a metallic pool.

The first sound she had ever heard from the creature were shrieks of pain. The screams were deafening and made the girl cover her ears.

She stood up with her hand stretched out absorbing the woman's strength.

It felt like the rope was coming to an end, the strength of the woman was slowly leaving her body. She made sure to drain every single drop of it.

The woman's body shook and then stopped. She lay with her eyes open and her mouth gaped in a lost scream.

Her hair pooled around her and finally the girl could put a name to the shade. It reminded her of the colour of blood.

She approached the woman slowly and warily. She fished the matches out of her pocket and struck the stick against the box. She glanced at the flame and threw it at the body.

Void eyes stared up at her as the flames slowly burned her dress and licked her white skin.

She used the flame and melted any ice that attempted to touch the woman. Soon the flame was charring the once pure white skin.

The smell of burning flesh made the girl gag. The flames soon exploded making the teenager take a step back. And shield her face from the sudden heat.

All that remained was melting ice and the remnants of a burnt corpse.

She trudged her way to her bag and retrieved a body. With the intentions of finding a beautiful place, far away from the church, to bury the dog who lost its life to a monster.