Gap unfilled by pressures of the body

Gap unfilled by pressures of the body

She was a well-known prostitute but not for only just prostituting herself to sugar-daddies but for being a very excellent home wrecker who wrought havoc in families . She had one of a bizarre childhood, with no mother nor a father to look after her only a haughty and evil uncle. This self proclaimed uncle pretended to be all lovey-dovey in people’s view but when behind those closed doors of a white painted one-roomed shack he was mean as hell . He would strip her naked, molest her and beat her up, sometimes he would rape her and just chain her up . Poor Charity got fond of this at the early age of 7, she knew this as the only method, purpose of women and living . Until one merciful day where her uncle accidentally left the door unlocked when heading for work in the morning . A census team was busy doing what it does best when it came to this shack . A lady named Abigail, who was the team’s leader leapt forward to the door knocked slowly after noticing that the door was slightly open.

Charity remained silent, not because she was told not to answer but because she couldn’t even open her mouth due to one of those brutal beatings actually “ attacks ” her ‘ uncle ’ would give her. Tenacious Abigail knowing that she was about to be ignored knocked louder making Charity’s conscious even more talkative . Charity tried to gather up her energy “ cooooome iiiin ” she said slow and quietly thinking she had done it . Abigail now knew for sure that she had to get inside, she opened the slowly not knowing what to expect . As she stepped inside her eyes gazed straightly at the malnourished and brown haired little girl whose beauty was hidden by bruises, scars, wounds and blood . Charity comatose, Abigail called the other members whilst trying to wake Charity who seemed dead . An ambulance was called and she was rushed to the community clinic were she was transferred to a hospital . Child care services were contacted and Charity’s parents were a topic.

A week later Charity regained conscious day after day, a social worker came to see her . She asked Charity about the whereabouts of her parents and about who had beaten her up . Charity simply told her everything thinking that it was normal, how her uncle rapes her, well she told her of how her uncle “ loves ” her and about the beatings, starvation and chaining . She spoke about all of those things in a calm, normal and passionate manner which appalled and revolted Miss Khuzwayo who called the cops and Uncle was arrested . He was granted 25 years, Charity was put unto foster care . She began to see life in its true meaning and purpose although not the aspects of living . She was adopted by a Patel family which accepted her willingly knowing very well that it wouldn’t love and cherish her . At first she was ‘ liked ’ and as time went by she was resented, she was treated like the slave she was . She would be secluded and sometimes seclude herself from the family .

Charity began thinking of herself, her family, her parents and her becoming . She wasn’t permitted to go to school because of some ‘ financial issues ’ which didn’t even exist . Mr. James Patel began to grow an obsession over Charity which led to a sexual obsession . When Mrs. Nomah Patel started shifting blame on Charity James would defend her, telling her not to dare hurt . James continuously abused Charity sexually, emotionally by telling her  that she was worthless and psychological by threatening her not to say anything about their encounters  because she would be homeless . James pushed Nomah away by ignoring her, he was so obsessed over Charity that it began to be evident . He would shower her with gifts and awaken her ears with sweet little nothings that would make Charity feel important and valued but not loved.

On Charity's 16th birthday, James bought her an expensive emerald necklace, this was abnormal of James . He was not the memory kind of a person, he would forget his own wife’s birthday and nevertheless their anniversary . This certainly drove Nomah over the edge whereby she went to consult a famous and very powerful sangoma . Nomah told the sangoma everything from how Charity came into the house to how she has her husband wrapped around her little finger . Baba Buthelezi simply nodded his head looking straightly unto Nomah's round-oval eyes with his piercing eyes saying that it was all sorted out . But asked Nomah what she had wished to be done and Nomah said confidently that she wished to have her husband all back to herself and he should listen to her commands only.

Buthelezi gave her a little bottle which seemed like a water spray, which he said Nomah should spray it on her mouth . Nomah took the spray and did exactly as she was told on her way back home . She sat her husband down, told him that she wants them to disown Charity and throw her out of their house . James just simply agreed and threw Charity out of the house . Charity with no where to go went to the dump site, she fell asleep on a pile of plastic bags . At about 3 am she was woken up by a firm shake of her head and a hastening voice of a girl telling her to quickly wake up . She woke up slowly and to her surprise it was a girl who seemed to be her age, she was wearing a mini dress showing off her little fallen nipples and leggy thighs.

The girl introduced herself and told Charity that her name was Beauty Hlophe but people knew her as ‘ Babes wamakhehla ’ . She told Charity a little bit about herself and that the dump site was her palace . She asked Charity about herself and the reason she was sleeping in her palace . Charity told her half her story, Beauty volunteered to help her live a glorious life . Dawn came, Beauty said that Charity should stop depending on people or parents, stop believing the myth of a family and start using what God had given her . Beauty became a huge influence on Charity, she initiated her into prostitution and then drug transportation . Charity became well-known unto drug operators for shifting drugs in and out of the country without raising any eye brows from the police and by this massive popularity she earned a lot more than any other mule . Even with money and fame a void in her heart was unfilled, she wanted to be loved.

Since she didn’t get any from drug dealing, she turned to prostitution and focused on getting customers .She fell more connected with a businessman who was one of her major customers . He showered her with gifts, awakened her ears with sweet little nothings like James but  never threatened her or made her feel confined or caged up or controlled and he allowed Charity to be Charity, he didn’t force her into any thing she didn’t want to do . All those acts made Charity feel loved, she got pregnant with Sizwe's baby.

She was thrilled about such an event which would tie her with Sizwe . When was about to tell Sizwe about their new gift, he told her that he wanted them to go unto separate directions and whatever chain that had tied them, had been broken . Charity felt disappointed and unwanted, but still tried to plead to Sizwe not to end such a precious relationship . Charity told Sizwe that she was pregnant but not caring Sizwe told her to abort the bastard thing for he wants nothing to do with it . Charity tried by all means to get back with Sizwe like going into his house and only to find out that he was happily married with three kids and to get hauled out of the house and down the streets.

All of those actions triggered her stress and blood levels leading to her miscarriage . She lost all care and love for her body, which was something she never had . She stooped so low that she slept with any man that had affection for her and those married men she seduced . Even after hurting men and destroying their homes her heart's void was unfilled . She knew she wanted and needed something to fill her heart’s void ness, completing her life . After serving her last customer for the day, she decided to go to a club . On her way there she was attacked by a mob of men who shove her into a  bush and took turns on her, leaving her on the barren ground passed out.

A now elderly Christian woman and former censure Abigail was on her way to a community meeting when all of a sudden she needed to pee and the bush was her only alternative since there were no nearby toilets . As she got inside the bush she saw Charity’s body, she forgot all about peeing and focused on reviving Charity . Charity woke up looking around her surrounding and this strange looking woman who was looking at her pityingly . Abigail took her to the clinic and heard all about her condition . She went to visit Charity st the clinic the following day in order to hear her story . She asked Charity to tell her about her life from the beginning to the point of being raped behind bushes.

Charity told her story skipping the uncle fiasco and to Abigail’s surprise this girl was the same one she saved while doing a census . Abigail decided to make it her burden to take care of Charity . she didn’t shower her with expensive gifts like her major customers, she didn’t awaken her ears with sweet little nothings and she didn’t control her but rather she showered her with love and care, she opened her mind and ears with words of wisdom and helped her unleash the real Charity that valued her body . Charity and Abigail got fond of each other to a point where Charity opened up about her uncle . Abigail felt sad that she told Charity about her daughter whom her brother took away from her whilst at the age of 2 .