Evil Reborn

Evil Reborn

A long, long time ago, in a fictional land called Kurishwa, lived a demon named Videl. The devil’s daughter. She was said to have possessed immense and incredible abilities, and her powers surpassed those of the gods. And like the gods, she was respected, feared and worshipped. And now, 500 years after Videl's death, a man has appeared who wishes to resurrect her and acquire her powers.


"We're almost there my people. The power that rivals that of the gods, the key to our dominion will finally be ours. We will rule this world, together!" bellowed the man. His army of soldiers cheered at the sound of his words. "HAIL OUR LORD. HAIL LORD FRASER!!!" chanted the men. Fraser and his army made their way through the dark cave of mystery until they reached a large quarry surrounded by clear spring water and beautiful aquamarine stones. At the center of the quarry, was a large bronze tomb with symbols encrusted on it. The tomb had four lamp stands on each side and had a blood red, silky sheet of fabric, mysteriously hovering above it. "Over there, on the quarry, is what we seek, my soldiers.

The key to our rule is but a stone throw away," Fraser said, gesturing to one of his soldiers. "Use your ability and create stepping stones for us, so that we may pass." The soldier pulled out a small scroll from his pocket, laid it down on the ground in front of him and said, "By the power of the earth, I fill our path with stones of stepping." The scroll glowed, the ground shook and a number of stepping stones magically appeared in front of them, and a path of earth was created, enabling them to cross over. "You will be the first to have your wish granted because of the deed you've just performed." Fraser promised his soldier. "Wow. Lord Fraser is so generous. He does not even know my name, and I'm not bothered by that. He is so cool. I will finally get more power thanks to him and I can finally be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a movie star in Kollywood. Yeah..." the soldier thought. The group crossed the small lake and made it over to the other side. Fraser moved towards the coffin and snapped his fingers. One of the soldiers ran towards him, carrying a small box. "The time has come." He opened the box and revealed its contents. The box contained five orbs, each with a color, different from the other; magenta, sapphire, emerald, pearl and a crystal clear orb that resembled the color of a diamond. The man, Fraser, took the orbs and set them next to the tomb and raised his hands high up in the air.

The soldiers did the same thing. "Morf eht shtped fo lleh, I nommus htrof, eht nomed snataS rethguad." Fraser and his army repeated these words three times. But nothing happened. "I don't think it’s working boss," said one of the soldiers. "I think we might have read the words incorrectly, my lord," said another. "I had my suspicions about that shady character who sold us these instructions," said a third soldier. "QUIET!!! ALL OF YOU!!!" screamed Fraser, quite annoyed by his soldiers’ remarks. "Don't you feel that?" As soon as he had spoken those words, the ground began to shake, the orbs glowed blindingly bright, and the tomb began to float and the orbs along with it. "Yeeeeeesss...! Rise eternal mistress. Give us your power." Fraser said as the coffin began opening. The orbs glowed brighter and the symbols on the coffin began peeling off it. A dark cloud made its way out of the coffin and proceeded to take on a humanoid form. The process took quite a while but eventually, the demons spawn re surfaced once more. Standing before Fraser, was the demon goddess, the devil's daughter herself, Videl, the mistress of darkness.

She stood in front of the army, eyes closed. She had long pitch black hair, ebony fair skin and had an almost perfect hour glass figure. She wore a two piece dress... well kind off. In reality, she was almost naked. "Videl… I am Fraser and I am your master. I am the one who removed the seal from your tomb. I have learnt a great many things about you and your magnificent abilities. I must say it is an honor to finally meet you..." he said. Videl opened her pitch black eyes, scanned the cave and focused her gaze on Fraser. "So, you say you are the one who freed me from that cursed coffin?" she said with a sweet but menacing voice. "Yes, mistress Videl. My soldiers played a role in your resurrection as well." "I see. You say you are my master?" "Well, it is customary to obey the rules of the one that brought someone back to life. I'm sure you're aware of that..." Videl laughed hysterically at this. She laughed for a very long time. The soldiers began to question whether their encounter with the she-devil was going to end well or not.

She stopped. Then said: "You humans amuse me." One of Fraser's men walked up to him and whispered in his ear, "We have to seal her in the tomb again sir. I'm sensing a large energy signature from her body. I don't think she's going to listen to your orders sir. I mean, she is the very embodiment of evil. Do you really think that she is going to listen to a mere human such as yourself, sir?" "Silence imbecile. I have everything under control." replied Fraser. "Pardon my soldiers’ attitude miss Videl. But as I said before, you have to obey my every comm---." Before Fraser could finish his sentence, Videl pierced his chest with an energy lance emitted from her hand, severely wounding him.

The soldiers were astonished by the sudden change in the atmosphere. "It's funny how you useless humans claim to know me. I am the devils daughter. I cannot be controlled. I do the controlling. Not even my own father can stop me." She tossed the almost dead Fraser's body in the lake and floated towards her coffin. "I guess one good thing came from our encounter. You brought me the very things that I need to finally crush this doomed planet and regain my original, perfect form." She moved towards the orbs and tried to pick them up. But just before she could grab hold of them, a blinding light was expelled from them. Their color escaped them and fused with the elemental symbols on the tomb. The orbs were left colorless and the symbols, disappeared in thin air. "I should've expected this from those cursed members of the Tsubatu. Hmm! No matter. I still have their memories inside these magnificent orbs.

The sacred scrolls locations will soon be mine." She put the colorless orbs back inside their box and turned back to the startled soldiers. "Does anyone else wish to "control" me?" she asked. None of the soldiers dared to say a word. "Good. Now, if you don't want to die right now, you will work for me for free. Or rather, you will work for your life." She floated past the men and stood just before the stepping stone bridge and said, “Since we're all in agreement, tell me everything that has happened over the years when I was... out of commission. Tell me everything. And most importantly, what has changed...?" "Fashion!" retorted the almost dead Fraser from the water. "The first person to bring me back his head will be my right hand man." She exited the cave as the men focused on killing their once "cool" leader.

"These puny humans won't be enough. I need to gather my original army. Hmmm, where to first...?" The mistress thought to herself. "I guess I do need new clothes. And a bath..." she said after sniffing herself. "I know just the place my liege." said one of the soldiers. "But it is very expensive..." he said.” Good thing you'll be paying," Videl said with an evil grin across her face.

Two men ran up to her, tugging Fraser's head. "I killed him" shouted one soldier to the other. "No. I did. Let go..." replied the other. "How about I kill you two as well?" said another soldier, annoyed by the two. The two men stared at their much taller and stronger comrade. "Give me that." He grabbed the dead man's head and delivered it to Videl. "This is what you requested my liege. Take it. It is yours now," he said, handing the head over to her. "Ooo, I like you already," replied Videl. "You two!" she pointed out to the two soldiers. "Turn to dust..." and immediately after she had spoken those words, the two men's bodies began to disintegrate and soon were nothing but a pile of dust. “As promised, you are now my right hand man. You are in charge of leading these sore excuses of men." "Thank you my lord. I aim to please. I will do everything in my power to serve you. I, Oda of the Ten'po valley, am at your service," said the man. "Good. Now, if everyone is done fooling around, I would like to begin my search for the symbols... but first, does anyone know where I can find a change of clothes?"