Detective Kathy

Detective Kathy

The Detective

I’m detective Kathy. I’m on a mystery search to find out more about the house three blocks away, house number 48 Wingkle Street. There is a mysterious lady and some weird cat-dog transforming creature that lives there.

Okay, I know, you’re probably asking yourself why I say ‘weird cat-dog transforming creature’. Well it’s because after all that research and stake-outs I’ve been doing, I’ve noticed something strange. Mrs. Vasjika’s pet has some unusual ability, power or even some sort of evil source to make him... transform!

Hold on, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking ‘this girl has lost it, she needs special attention’, but I’m serious.

It all happened one morning on my way to school; when I saw Mrs. Vasjika’s ‘dog’, Pico starring at a cat in the tree (not barking at it). All of a sudden there was a light in the tree, a turquoise colour. At first I thought it was a trick of the light, but then later on in the afternoon the same thing happened, so that’s when I started investigating.

Alien Pest

Okay, as you know I’ve been spying and I got some Intel on the house and the owner. Apparently that house has been there since 1896, so that’s 122 years. Pico was a stray, Mrs. Vasjika found him when she was on holiday with her late husband, Mr. Larry Vasjika, (apparently he was Greek). I know all of this because I snuck into Mrs. Vasjika basement through the back window. I took a few of her pictures, stole her diaries and few other things, but only for research and evidence of course.

The next day

“Kathy wake up you’re going to be late for school!” Yelled mom
“Yawn. I’m up”, replied Kathy.
Hurry up then, you’re going to be late!
Yes mom.
Good morning mom and dad.
Good morning sweetie. Dad left already.
Oh. Bummer.
Hey, wanna come with me or you’ll go with your bike?
I’ll take my bike. Bye mom.
Okay, love you. Enjoy your day.
Love you too.

Okay, time to investigate. When did Mrs. Vasjika get a cat? It looks like Pico but the cat version. I better check this out.

Pico… where are you? Come out, wherever you are. Hello you cat, you’re an odd little felly aren’t you? You look like some pet I know... okay kitty, start meowing!

IT can talk!

Why meow when you talk? The cat asked. WAIT YOU CAN TALK? Kathy shrieked.

‘Yes of course you stupid child. I’m a cat of many wonders and power; I even know your name.’ ‘No you don’t!’ Yes I do, Kathy, and I know why you’re here.

‘You want to know where Pico is.’ ‘How do you know all of this, you devil?’

“I’ve been called worse” the cat replied. “Since you know my name, it’s only fair I get to know yours” Kathy said. “You’re right. My name is Chou’. I’m from South Asia. Amathy found me when she was on holiday there.’

“Wait, Amathy? You mean Mrs. Vasjika, right? “Yes of course you stupid child.” ‘Stop calling me stupid child!’ demanded Kathy.

“Just tell me where Pico is!”

“I shall tell you a riddle. Where an old palace is, you will find a door to a whole new world, a paradise full of happiness and the object that you seek, but, there is a price that must be paid. The only way is to play the game”, the cat said sounding sceptical.

“Price that must be paid.” What do you mean by price that must be paid?” questioned Kathy.

‘You’ll find out when the time is right, but for now you should get going to school’ recommended Chou.

‘No time for school, I need to solve this riddle. Bye!’ yelled Kathy. ‘Wait, I must warn you!-’ shouted Chou, but it was too late, Kathy was already gone.

I'm going in!

‘An old palace” Kathy said to herself.

‘Hhhmmm... I’ve got! An old palace, the old 122 year old house, of course. But why would he calls such an old, unkempt and dubious place a palace?’

‘Okay Kathy time to put your imagination and detective cap on. This is the moment in time that you’ve been waiting for. The time when all the truth comes out. Where you finally become the best detective ever, or should I say ‘detective CT101W’, said Kathy conceitedly.

‘Notebook, check; Sample jars, check; Lucky fanny-pack, check; detectives hat, check and my amazing intelligence, check. Ok, I’m ready, I’m going in’, Kathy told herself confidently.

This is detective Kathy officially going into the mysterious house the one I’ve been researching on, and not just the basement. Any minute now I shall reveal the unknown truth and secrets of this odd looking home and who this Mrs. Vasjika really is’, recorded Kathy on her voice- recorder.

‘Hello, is anyone home? Wow, what a wild house. There’s pictures, posters and animal heads everywhere and what’s that smell, it smells worse than cow fart.’

Then at that same instant, Kathy felt as if something or someone was staring at her, waiting for her to fall into some sort of trap so it could suck her veins dry!

Meeting Mrs. Vasjija

“Hello is anybody home”, asked Kathy again.

“Welcome to ‘Vasjika’s fortune Telling Lair’ an old voice said.

‘Aaah! Who’s that? show yourself right now!’ bellowed Kathy.

Cough, cough. Ehem...sorry love. I didn’t mean to scare you’ said the voice again but squeakier this time.

‘I’m Amathy Vasjika. You must be Kathy. Are you here to read your fortune? A young and odd looking lady asked.

‘How do you know my name’ asked Kathy .

‘Oh yes, sorry. You must think I’m a stalker. I know your name because Chou told me. His been doing the stalking for me.’, said Amathy with a wicked titter.

‘Ok, lets start this all over’, suggested Kathy. ‘ I’m a detective-

‘I know, you’re detective Kathy on a mystery search to find out more about my house. About me and my animals,’ mocked Amathy.

‘How do you know all of that?

‘Oh you silly child, for a detective you’re quite slow. Don’t you see, I’ve been watching your family for years now. Since your great, great, great grandfather Michaela was born.’ Announced Amathy. ‘What do you mean by great, great , great grandfather. I mean how old could you possibly be, 820?’, Kathy said with a giggle.

‘Ha. Hoe. Very, funny. I see you’ve got a bit of cheek, I like that.’ said Vasjika sarcastically. ‘I could use it for my youth potion’, she mumbled.

‘What youth potion, is that why you look so young? Although your voice is so crooked and old.’ asked Kathy curiously.

‘I’d have to travel all the way to Morocco for Kola- nuts for my voice to... I mean. I’m not a witch. I, simply have very healthy skin.

My secret is ostrich egg, honey, almond oil and goblin eyes’, said Vasjika with a guilty face.

‘I think you’re lying. There’s no goblin eyes on Earth, only on... Ha! You are a witch not a fortune teller!’

‘Keep it down, people could hear you.’ whispered Vasjika

‘Could you please open a port-hole to a world full of crime, danger and evil for detectives like me.’ pleaded Kathy. ‘If I do this, do you promise never to tell anyone about me being a witch?’ asked Vasjika curiously.

‘Yes, yes I do!’ replied Kathy. ‘Okay... I’ll do it.’, agreed Vasjika.

‘Warnings and rules! You only stay there for two days, if you stay any longer you get trapped. Once you are ready to come back, you must search for the object that you seek, tell it your name, why you are there, kiss it then say HOP-SCOTCH, got it?’ asked Vasjika. ‘Got it.’, responded Kathy

‘Okay lets start’, suggested Vasjika sounding impatient. ‘Stand on the circle quickly. Okay, this might hurt just a bit’, warned Vasjika.

Then Vasjika took out a variety of potion, powder and a detective hat then slowly she poured them into a pot while saying her spell.

Beware for swear,
For this girl has a wish,
Make it come true
That she knows how to play the game.

POOF! In that exact instant Kathy was gone!

A whole new world

Kathy was in the world she had always dreamt of.

‘Welcome to Crimelania, the world of paradise where everything is for free or as I like to call it FREE-99’, a dry voice said.

‘Who’s that? asked Kathy anxiously.

Then after a while an old, short man appeared from the dark, wearing a green cloak and a cap that said THE-BOMB on it.

‘Hi, I’m Larry I used to be a detective but now I’m just a thief .’ the man said sounding depressed.

Larry? As in, Larry Vasjika? asked Kathy.

‘Yes. I’m guessing you’ve met my wife, Amathy.’

‘Yes, she was sweet enough to bring me here. Did you know she’s a witch, quiet a friendly one.’

‘Friendly! She’s a witch a pure and evil witch!’

“Why would you say that about your wife?’ Look at me I stink, I’m broke, I stole this cloak from a child’s nanny! ‘What are you talking about, Amathy is one of the sweetest people I know!’

‘It’s all a lie! Didn’t she tell you the riddle? The one that says, “Where an old palace is, you will find a door to a whole new world, a paradise full of happiness and the object that you seek, but there is a price that must be paid, and the only way is to play the game.’, ‘I have heard it, from Chou .

Truth be told!

‘Listen. An old palace is my house, a door is the porthole. The paradise is where we are now, price to pay is her slowly taking your youth and the only way is to play the game is by finding the object that you seek.’ Explained Larry

‘HOLY DETECTIVENESS! You mean I’ll be stuck here forever, get old like you? We need to get going now!’ demanded Kathy.

‘Wait before we go I need to tell you the things you should look out for. Amathy has ways of disguising herself into different people. The time here move 2 times faster, but the more problems you solve the slower the time goes, every hour you will hear Amathy’s evil chuckle and if you start getting scared that makes her stronger. So are you ready?

‘Ready… It’s Pico, I’ve been looking for him for weeks. He must be the object that I seek’

‘Okay, now think where you would find a sausage-dog with three limbs?’ asked Kathy. ‘I got it. The park, that’s if there is one here.

‘Of course, at Murder’s-Den-Park that’s where most dogs run of too. Okay we better get going it’s almost sunset, it’s few blocks away.’

Trouble in paradise!

‘Not on my watch!’ a squeaky old voice said. ‘Amathy! What are you doing here’, wondered Kathy

‘I didn’t think you’d be smart enough to find a way out but clearly you are, and clearly you’ve met my husband. Hi Larry, miss you.’ Amathy said sarcastically.

‘Hi Amathy. I see you grew up’ Larry said.

‘I know, you got old’, responded Amathy.

‘Sad, but true.’ replied Larry.

‘I can’t let you go because if you find Pico, then I die.’

“Well sorry cause there he is right now. Come on Larry, run!’

‘Pico, come here boy. Oh you poor thing. My name is Kathy I’m here because I thought I was ready to be a detective and I randomly asked a person that I didn’t even know (kiss).’

‘No wait, stop, you can’t leave me here. Please take me with’ begged Amathy, but it was too late. Kathy, Larry and Pico were gone ad Amathy was trapped there forever

To be continued…