"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak"

- Hans Hofmann


What we define as unnecessary is a reflection of our priorities,

people claim to have a whole lot in common but when it comes priorities,

it is scary to think that the same person who would put money before love is someone that you may find relatable with the omission of course,

of that little humanity defining fact.


We are always in a hurry to get to know each other,

i think it is because we want to get it out the way

so that we can make our judgement about the person,

 and decide whether they get to participate in our lives or not.


Time is of the essence, life's short bla bla bla, you get it. We're on a clock here.


So I know it's frowned upon by society to be prejudice but i really think it is a defense mechanism more than anything else, built to protect ourselves from creeps and energy drainers alike.


It is okay to be prejudice in moderation i think, the way Jesus said we should drink wine in moderation and the way diets tell us to eat chocolate in moderation in our desperate attempts to lose a couple of kg's before bikini season begins again.


However, because people are people and we are prone to human error,

neither wine, nor chocolate, nor judgement is indulged in moderation,

and that's when the metaphorical shit

hits the metaphorical fan.


Let's paint a picture, shall we?

It is said that within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone,

you have already decided what category they fit into from your built up understanding of who people are,

therefore (obviously), first impressions count.


For me there are 2 types of people i find the need to protect myself from using the.. let's call it the "Prejudice Shield" (Work in progress),

1. Energy drainers and 2. Creeps.

 (Obviously like murderers and rapists alike too but that's too deep for the point i'm trying to make, bear with me).


Actually let's file murderers, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, liars, the whole of bunch of them under Creeps because i think it's pretty obvious why i would use my "Prejudice Shield" to suss out and extinguish those bad boys real quick.


An energy drainer is the type of person to walk into a happy baby shower and somewhere in the middle of all the joy, happiness and general celebration of life,

they will burst in tears (there's always an issue),


and literally suck the life out of the party.

(They are also referred to as Party Poopers and Wet Blankets),


and they must be stopped!


The reason i find myself needing protection from these types of people is because well, frankly : WE'RE NOT HERE FOR THAT.


Harsh, i know but i need my energy to keep my personality alive,

it's the air pump to my jumping castle.

As soon as you mess with my energy, it's personal.

And if it's personal, it's time for tough love:


Pull yourself towards yourself!

People do not dress up, leave their house, pay entrance and pop bottles to come and console you. There's a time and a place for everything,

live in the moment,

be present

and any opportunity that life gives you to celebrate,

grab it with both hands


-      and ride that train like it's midnight and you're on your way to Georgia.

(Shoutout to Gladys Knight & The Pips )