Mma, You are Magic

Mma, You are Magic


I can't use my heart to measure the volume of my love for you because it's not enough, 

rather let me use the nerves that awaken all over my skin with a simple one of your hugs,


Mom, thanks to you, I've always believed in magic,

but when i grew up beside you, my beliefs materialized.

Sometimes i find myself kneeling at my bed,

praying in thanks,

praying in tears,

praying to keep you, 



A single one of your glances can send me into intermission,

i look at you and i see the best of  what i can be, Mom.

I look at you and i can see the point in all of this madness we call life.

That's how i know you're more than just a woman :


Mom, you are the magic.


From the way you wake me up by blasting your favourite gospel songs in the mornings

 (at 5am, Lord Knows why you're always up so early),

singing your lungs out, 

expressing yet simultaneously spreading your infectious joy around the house,

Mma, without realizing it, with that simple gesture,

you displayed to me the importance of being true to myself,

(at all hours of the day).


I know i am a handful, and that i have been since the day i was born,

Growing up i was a teacher's worst nightmare,

i couldn't sit still and i always had something (witty) to say back.

I have never been shy, i have never been quiet and i have never been afraid to say what i feel,

I think that's something i got from Baba, something you've told me you've always loved dearly about Dad, and something that has shaped me into being the (bright) young woman i am today.


Mom, you are the perfect balance of authority and compassion,

And in that we're complete opposites,

but you embraced my temper and helped me mould it into something beautiful,

something worth developing,

something worth writing about,

and there aren't enough words in the English language to express my gratitude for your over flowing guidance and understanding.


Ndi a vha funa Mma, ndo livhuwa nga maanda.

 (TshiVenda, it's a really beautiful language, you should look it up.)


I love you, Mom. 

You are my inspiration.

Thank you.