i DON'T understand, HELP me understand!!!

i DON'T understand, HELP me understand!!!

Isn't it funny how life goes?

I mean seriously, isn't it just so drop dead hilarious?


There are moments where i question everything,

i feel like people my age, (90s kids, by the way)

i feel like, especially in South Africa,

we were born with a lot on our shoulders.


We were literally about 2 or 3 years old when Nelson Mandela was released from prison,

therefore inadvertently the torch was passed on to us,


from birth,

from day one,

to carry on a legacy of something we new nothing about.


Do you see where the problem is?

Because to me, right now, it seems bright as day.


One could argue that the gift in our generation is not experiencing the tortures of the past.


Sure, solid argument.



However, all we have known from birth is the residual anger, blame, hate, and pain left behind by all the tortures experienced from our parents,

therefore we are experiencing our own type of torture in a sense,

which maybe not be equally recognized,

but it is equally felt,


The worst feeling is being educated,


well raised,


a real by the book type of person,

and then not being able to get a job in your own homeland.



i don't understand. help me understand!!!



The laws of science do not distinguish between the past and the future.

Steven W. Hawking


Growing up in a post modern socio-political period is hard,

it's so hard,

and i feel like we do not get enough credit for what we do get done.

And boy oh boy do we do a lot,

In my family alone there's a black female accountant,

a black female physiotherapist,

a black male 18 year old school kid,

and me, a black female post graduate marketing student with a mouth that won't quit and a vocabulary to match it.


(And yes, it does matter that we are all black because people of colour in South Africa are steady trying to rise from the ashes of a previously disadvantaged past, and that alone is hard enough).


So maybe instead of pointing out how this generation is "ungrateful", "spoilt" and "lazy",

We need to start celebrating what we have done for ourselves,

because we are an incredible bunch with an abundance of potential,

and now that we are finally all grown up,

I think it's time to grab that torch,

and show our parents how it's done,

with style and grace, of course.


The swiftness of time is infinite, as is still more evident when we look back on the past.